SGE 400 Gas Mask - S/M w/ Int & Ext Drinking Device to Bottle

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SGE 400 Gas Mask - S/M w/ Int & Ext Drinking Device to Bottle 

The SGE 400 mask has been designed to meet military and civil defense requirements.

The following are the characteristics of the mask:

  • Single front filter connection
  • Ballistic and chemical aggressive treated face shield
  • Silicone face seal (excellent for long period use; tested for 6 days without removing)


  • Highly Experienced and Cross Functional Development Team
  • Conceptual Design Experience ? plastic/rubber/mechanic/electronic
  • Multiple CAD Station Systems


  • ISO ? 9001 - 2008 Certification
  • Full ASTM Standards Testing Capability (in house and with certified international laboratories)


  • Prototypes From 3-D Printing Technology Available Within Hours
  • Capability To Produce Functional Prototypes


  • Expanded Production Capacities
  • Greater Process Control


  • High Product Quality Levels
  • Proactive Prevention Based Quality
  • Fast and Effective Response To Customer Concerns
  • Real Time Process Controls

PLEASE NOTE: This item cannot be shipped outside of the USA. PLEASE NOTE: This item cannot be shipped to P.O. Boxes of any kind!

PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to buy the PVC Hood Gas Mask Accessory, you MUST purchase it at the same time as your mask so that the hood may be attached in production!

PLEASE NOTE: Filters are sold seprately. Click here to purchase the filter for this mask!

OCEAN REEF Group has two manufacturing plants of 6,000 and 40,000 sq/feet in San Diego, California (USA) and Genova (Italy). ME.ST.EL Safety Italy is an ISO 9001-2000 certified company and also a NATO classified supplier. The Production facility includes injection and compression presses, electronic components assembling, finished goods assembling and a testing dept. The R&D includes a sophisticated rubber/silicone compounds testing laboratory, an advanced computerized self contained breathing checking apparatus, a 32,000 liter pool with computerized ultrasonic underwater communication control system and video/audio closed circuit for demonstration and training, and two Pro E working stations for product engineering and mold design. The Military and Respiratory PPE is known under the ME.ST.EL Safety brand. In the late 1980?s, ME.ST.EL decided to broaden its fields of production to not only include medical, diving, and military products but safety products as well. This change was due to a growing need for safety throughout the world. ME.ST.EL ambitiously decided to create a gas mask, based on new innovative concepts, that was very different in design than all the gas masks produced up to that point. The new full face gas mask was named the SGE 1000. SGE 1000 did not use the cumbersome system of twin goggles with a rubber mask. Rather, the ?SGE? mask used a transparent polycarbonate rigid full face visor shield with a comfortable rubber skirt (patented springing seal design) which covered the face and supported the other components of the gas mask. After a few years, the Protection Division received international acclaim for the success of the SGE 1000. After the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack at the World Trade Center in New York, ME.ST.EL realized the need to change its market strategy and it was compelled to assist in the need by providing safety solutions to prevent casualties and properly assist people in possible future situations that may be similar to the disaster on September 11, 2001. ME.ST.EL decided to create a new ?Homeland Security Program Range of Products? and, soon after, a new working group started to operate. This new branch would focus its efforts on developing and producing safety products, specifically breathing protection devices, which would be beneficial in Homeland Security situations. The first ME.ST.EL gas mask, the SGE 1000, started a worldwide generation of ?advanced? breathing protection devices. Currently, the SGE 1000 is out of production; however, most of the protection products that ME.ST.EL Safety currently produces are evolutions from the SGE 1000. For more information on this Gas Mask, including specifications, safety and manuals, click here