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UPDATE: Please be advised that this items in this kit have changed. Please note that there is now only one Straight Hemostat and no Needle Probe. We added a new Mayo Hegar Needle Holder to the Kit.

The Surgical Set contains all stainless steel instruments. NOTE: Contents of the Surgical Set are not sterile. The Surgical Set comes sealed in a plastic pouch with contents listed.





Straight Hemostat

This is a straight hemostat.   This hemostat is a Halstead which is purposely smaller than a Kelly.  It works as a probe or to clamp onto small bleeders, and removing splinters or stingers is easier with the Halstead because of its design.



These are Iris Scissors.   When suturing interrupted sutures they can be used to cut each suture to the proper length.  Scissors can also be used for cutting the skin of a wound or removing dead tissue before closing.  Unlike the scalpel blade, scissors crush instead of cut which means less bleeding.   Compared to a blade, they are also safer to use in small areas.


Curved Hemostat

This is a curved hemostat.   When probing a puncture, the surgeon can see inside the hole without having to try to look past or over a standard straight pair of hemostats.  Being curved also makes clamping onto a “bleeder” (a loose bleeding vein) much easier before tying it off.



“Tweezers”   These are a type of thumb forceps.    They can be used for manipulating skin or picking up bandages.    In medical they are often called “pick-ups” because that is what they are used for whether grasping skin, splinters or projectiles. 


Scalpel Handle #3

#3 Scalpel handle.   Knife handle.   Knife.   It is used for cutting skin.   The #3 scalpel handle commonly uses blades: #10, and #11.

1 Suture Set 1

Scalpel Blades #10 & #11

When making long incisions, the #10 blade (which is shaped like the prow of a boat) is used.   The other blade you have in your kit is the #11.    The #11 blade is pointed and is used for lancing boils or opening swellings on the skin.   Your scalpel blades are exceedingly sharp and can cut you to the bone with one accidental swipe.


Alcohol Wipes

Cleans minor cuts and abrasions. Convenient and sterile. Individually packaged.


Mayo Hegar Needle Holder

This is the Mayo Hegar needle holder.   It has much shorter jaws than your longer-jawed “hemostat”.   The shorter jaws help clamp the suture-needle tighter.   It can also act as a hemostat or probe and has even been used to clamp the surgical blades when doing minor surgery.  The needle holder is one of the most versatile of your instruments.  The Mayo Hegar is the most common type of needle holder and the one most often carried and used in the field.


Antiseptic BZK Wipes

Cleans wounds to prevent infection. Sanitary single dose packets.

Pen Light 1 Surgical Kit Pouch 1


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Great quality!!!! well worth the price!
Review by Dorian  (Posted on 9/24/2017)

Worth it

Better quality than I anticipated. Worth the money!
Review by RN Prepper  (Posted on 7/22/2016)

Good Price!

I can't review the product yet as I'm now ordering it but I work in a medical environment. I checked with someone who orders equipment and she stated this is a good price!
Review by Bill  (Posted on 3/31/2015)