Survival Medical Backcountry Kit First aid kit

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Survival Medical BACKCOUNTRY KIT is a lightweight (under 1/2 lb) compact kit made for those of you that venture off the pavement. Take a look at the list of hospital quality items that make up this kit and you will be amazed. And when you’re ready to be amazed some more check out the price! This isn’t the band aid filled kit you’ll find by other companies, this is the Survival Medical BACKCOUNTRY KIT.

Kit Includes:


  • moleskin
  • sting relief wipes
  • emergency blanket
  • 4″ elastic wrap
  • 3″ non adherent pad
  • 4″non adherent pad
  • 3″ non woven sponge
  • 4″non woven sponge
  • large butterfly wound closure
  • medium band aid
  • large band aid
  • eye pad
  • wound closure strips
  • burn gel 3.5g
  • triple antibiotic .9g
  • tweezer
  • 2″cohesive tape wrap
  • 2″ paper tape
  • 2″ gauze
  • nitrile gloves
  • alcohol prep pads

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