Survival Medical Injury Kit

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Survvial Medical's  INJURY KIT contains the highest quality materials available to address a varied spectrum of injuries. In a grid down situation we will all be doing activities that we don’t likely do on a regular basis today. There will be a big learning curve while we adjust our bodies to the emergency situations that we prepare for. Be prepared for the injuries that will surely follow. Small problems can turn into BIG problems when not properly addressed. Like their other products our INJURY KIT is packaged to prolong shelf life.

Kit Includes:

  • cold pack
  • hot pack
  • SAM splint
  • sense wrap
  • 3M tape casting
  • 1­2″ elastic bandage
  • 4″ elastic bandage
  • 6″ elastic bandage
  • 2″ cloth tape
  • 3″ transparent tape
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