Colloidal Silver Testimonials

  • Bronchitis and Sinus Infections
  • Unknown Skin Rash
  • Lyme Disease
  • Yeast Infection, Sore Throat, Cold
  • Laryngitis, Sinus Infection, Cold Sores, Dental Use
  • General Family Use
  • Urinary Tract Infection
  • Yeast Infection, Bacteria Infection
  • Rashes and Skin Infection
  • Pink Eye, Conjunctivitis, Flu
  • Respiratory Infection, Laryngitis, Bee Stings


    "Thank you for making ASAP Solution. We use it for all sorts of disinfectant and skin treatments like burns and blemishes (pimples), but I had to write to tell you of the remarkable results of the use that you suggested. Last winter, I suffered from Bronchitis for nearly two months and had undergone antibiotic treatments prescribed by my doctor, with unsatisfactory results. Aside from continual coughing and difficulty breathing, I felt run down and generally lousy. After getting a nasal spray bottle of ASAP Solution I began to inhale the spray through my mouth (about 10-15 sprays) every 2-3 hours throughout the day. By the next day most of my symptoms had disappeared and I felt so good that I was out dancing after only 36 hours of treatment. That was four months ago and I haven't had a reoccurrence of Bronchitis since. Thanks again, and you were right, ASAP really is 'Bad for Germs, Good for People.'"

    -Ellyn S. Syracuse, NY


    "I just wanted to write to say THANK YOU for making such a beneficial health supplement. I recently had a nasty skin rash that would dry my skin and cause it to itch. I brought this matter to my dermatologist’s attention, who was unable to identify it. She wrote a recommendation for an antibiotic, and a skin cream. I used them as prescribed, but found no relief. I even changed my brand of bar soap, laundry detergent, and purchased new bedding, but this did not help. Then, a friend told me about ASAP Solution. I gave it a try, taking 1-2 teaspoons 3 times a day internally, and sprayed the affected area several times a day. After 4 days of this treatment, the symptoms disappeared! I have had no recurrence of this rash. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will tell everyone about this product!"

    Sincerely, -Aaron S. Coral Springs, FL


    "When Jennica was 10 years old she went hiking up in the mountains of Salmon, Idaho in June. She sat in sagebrush, collecting tiny rocks. She was wearing shorts, enjoying her cousins and grandparents and quite oblivious to anything outside of her protected world.

    Within a few weeks she began to have the achy, flu-like symptoms and a bulls-eye rash appeared on her thigh. We had never had any experience with Lyme disease. We live in Utah and it has never seemed a threat to Westerners. Jennica had Mono when she was nine and she thought maybe she had been overdoing things and was getting some of those symptoms back. Within a few more weeks she had pain all through her body, especially in her limbs. She had tightness in her muscles and frequently expresses that it felt like rubber bands were pulled tightly inside her. We were now seeking medical help as rapidly as we could. Because it was September by the time we actually took her to the doctor, her doctor suspected that she just didn't like school. The symptoms were strange and unexplainable. Within a couple more weeks Jennica could not walk at all. She would wake up in the morning and her hands would feel tight but they were movable. Once she started using them they would lock up and she could not bend or straighten her fingers. Her pain became so unbearable that we could not touch her anywhere.

    After much praying and searching we found a doctor in Nevada that did a very thorough history and physical and told us he was certain that Jennica had contracted Lyme Disease in one of the three states she had spent time in the wilderness in that summer. From there we took Jennica to the Primary Children's Hospital where IV therapy was started. Upon the recommendations of Dr. Dorothy Petrucha in New Jersey, she was started on Claforin and Erythromycin. The medications were rotated every four hours and given intravenously. The third day of treatment Jennica experienced her first Herxsheimer reaction. Every symptom got worse. Her paralysis moved into her feet, her vision became disturbed, her pain increased. It was frightening and no one at the hospital knew what was going on.

    There are so many details that are written in hospital reports, articles and journals. It took three years of very intensive treatment to bring Jennica into a remission. She was on many drugs from IV antibiotics to oral antibiotics to steroids and the list goes on and on. She suffered short memory loss, bladder problems, lung problems, visual problems, paralysis, and muscle and joint pain. We used every medical avenue we could find and every other avenue, including herbs, homeopathic, nutrition supplements, etc. She went through rehabilitation twice to relearn walking. She finally experienced a sustained remission about three years after the onset of symptoms. She was able to walk and enjoy some normal activity but her coordination suffered and she continues with strange pains which she tried to ignore. During the course of her worst times, she had some biofeedback training and learned how to deal with pain and sickness by using her mind to her advantage. This has been of lasting benefit to her.

    In the Spring of this year Jennica started to suffer from muscle pain in a more intense way again. She is a very motivated, strong young lady and tried to ignore it. By August she was completely miserable. She had extreme pain that traveled throughout her body and was accompanied by constant fatigue...Her words...'My symptoms starting this past May were severe. What I call severe muscle pain and fatigue. My head would tighten and feel like a foot falling to sleep feels. Through my neck, chest and arms I had pain that would keep me awake at nights and prevent my normal activities during the day. The longest I could stay awake was four to five hours. My tiredness would become extreme. I also had muscle weakness in any muscle I would exert. I would tremor and feel light-headed.'

    At this point Jennica was back into her pediatrician, Dr. Phil Freestone. He also sent her to a neurologist, Dr. Chris Reynolds. Dr. Reynolds began to question her about her Lyme Disease. He ran several tests on her and was convinced that she had a disease that was causing muscle breakdown. He decided to be safe, he would start her on the antibiotics for Lyme Disease. He put her on Zythromax and Erythromycin. Dr. Freestone changed her pills to Ceftin and Biaxin. She was also put on Tegretol. Shortly she became sicker. Her pain increased, moving from one area to another accompanied by fever and rash. Her vision became disturbed. Her short-term memory became very blocked. Jennica was frustrated. She felt like the antibiotics were making her sicker. We wondered about another Herxheimer reaction. She would tremor with the slightest muscle exertion. Her pain was nonstop and intense. We began to look at alternatives again. She started on a nutrition program that was very restricted. It consisted mostly of fresh foods and a small amount of grains along with the supplements. Her weakness was worsening. Sometimes she would have to hold onto something when she walked to keep herself upright. Then I received a phone call from a friend that was concerned about Jennica. She referred me to ASAP Solution. Jennica started on it immediately. First one teaspoon a day, then two teaspoons a day. At first she was very nauseated. She slowly increased her intake of silver to about five to six tablespoons a day of the 10 ppm solution. She does computer entry at home on a computer by her bed. She keeps a bottle in front of her and takes sips (her sips are one tablespoon) of it throughout the day.

    Jennica states, 'I have less fatigue. I don't need as much sleep and I can work out and it is not hard or tiring. I haven't noticed any shakiness. I can lift more weights for a longer period of time. I have a lot of days with no pain. This has happened within the last two weeks. I missed three days of taking the silver and was more tired. But I take it now and I never forget.'

    At the end of October when she started on the ASAP Solution she stopped all of her medications. She was sick of them and felt like they weren't helping her. The first week on the ASAP Solution Jennica was sick, but she kept taking it. The second week of taking the ASAP Solution Jennica was able to move around freely with very little pain. She is now able to exercise and do the things she wants to do. It is wonderful to see her like she is today after only a little over a month of using the ASAP Solution. We are so excited and so, so grateful.

    I just want to mention that the initial bout with Lyme Disease is known to be very difficult to get under control with succeeding bouts being progressively easier to treat. At least this is our understanding from our doctor. I would guess that if this is in general the truth across the board, patients dealing with the onset of Lyme Disease may need to be as aggressive as possible."

    -Jennica N. Lindon, UT

    -Debbie N. (Jennica's mother) RN graduated from BYU Lindon, UT

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    "I have been using your solution ASAP Solution for some health issues in our family.

    Issue one: I have an 18 year old daughter that came down with a vaginal yeast infection. She was concerned about using antibiotic for the remedy so I (her mom) suggested that she use the silver solution to clear the issue. She stayed with the treatment of 1 tsp. three times a day for four days and the issue resolved. She was thrilled.

    Description: This patient used ASAP Solution as a vaginal douche as well as an internal treatment. She used 1 tsp. of the ASAP Solution in a 6 oz. douche twice a day for two days. The strength she used was 22 ppm.

    Issue two: I have a 9 year old child with a cold, cough. She has been taking the silver solution 1/2 tsp. twice a day for five days. She has not required any other medications for the issue. The strength of this remedy was 22 ppm.

    Issue three: I started with a sore throat for a few days and decided to try the silver solution for the improvement of this condition. I used 1 tsp. of the solution at 22 ppm for three days, four times a day, and the sore throat has not returned. Wow! The improved conditions at our home with your silver solution as the treatment for illness that could use an antibiotic for recovery, has been a nice find.

    -Colleen S. Alpine, UT

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    "I purchased a bottle of your ASAP Solution 22 ppm and have had great success in keeping my family happy and healthy. I have recommended it to numerous family members and here are the results:

    WISDOM TEETH My sister had a wisdom tooth removed and was given antibiotics to prevent infection. Since antibiotics kill so many things in the body and bring unwanted side effects I told her to drop the Silver Solution in the tooth 4 times a day for about 5 days. She didn't take the antibiotics and remained infection free.

    LARYNGITIS My mother-in-law lost her voice for several days and was desperate to have it back. She works in customer service and needs to deal with people. I gave her the Silver Solution bottle and told her to spray it at the back of her throat, and to gargle with it 3-4 times a day. About 36 hours later I called her to see how she was doing. Her voice had returned and she was very excited to have her health back so quickly without medication. This is a particularly great example of the healing power of the Solution because her doctor had given her medications and things to take and none of them had helped. The silver REALLY works.

    COLD SORES My nephew had painful cold sores on his lips. He applied the silver to the cold sore about 3 times total before they were gone. He felt relief even after the first application.

    SINUS INFECTION My mother-in-law dropped the Silver Solution in her nostrils while laying down and allowed the Solution to flow into her sinuses. After two applications she felt relief and 48 hours later she had no sinus pain at all.

    I'm sure you know how great your product is, but I just want you to know that I will recommend the ASAP Solution to anyone that can benefit from it and I will continue to keep a bottle at my own house.

    Thanks for improving my health!"

    -Michelle N. Alpine, UT

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    "Just a note to let you know how much I like your silver product. At our house we use it for everything, such as scratches, earaches, sore throat, white spots on tonsils, athlete's foot, when we eat meat, brush teeth, before getting food in a restaurant, on restaurant silverware, in our water, in plastic water bottles, we give it to our dog, and many, many more ways.

    Thank you for making it available.

    I also wanted to thank you for The New Silver Solution book you sent me (when I couldn't find it on your web site). The book is very interesting and informative. I really appreciate your sending it to me. It was very kind of you.

    Thanks again for your kindness and your great silver product."

    -Lauren O. via internet

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    "A child 34 months old has had chronic urinary tract infections since birth and had been on a daily dose of Septra since she was 3 months old. At 14 months we started giving her 1/2 teaspoon of ASAP Solution of 10ppm morning and night every day. After 1 year we took her off the ASAP and she has had no further problems."

    -Sheri H. Cedar City, UT

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    "A dear friend of mine gave me a bottle of ASAP Solution. She told me of the wonderful medicinal properties that it holds. I have to admit that I can be a skeptic at times, but I was willing to try just about anything.

    I had been suffering from several infections throughout my body, including yeast and bacterial infections. I tried the ASAP Solution and within 36 hours the yeast infection was gone! And within another 72 hours, I had my blood tested again and they found it to be bacteria free!!! I have been taking the silver for 3 weeks now and have not had a recurrence of any of the infections.

    I truly believe that ASAP Solution was the cure. I would recommend that everyone take ASAP Solution, if for no other reason than to ward off common infections such as colds or flu! This is truly a miracle cure!"

    -Wendy-Lynn B. Orem, UT

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    "We took our two year old son to the doctor because of a serious bacterial infection on the skin, impetigo. The doctor prescribed some topical antibiotic cream and told us that it would take at least 7 days to start noticing results and about 2-3 weeks to completely clear up. I immediately put the ASAP Solution on the patches and within 2 days it was 99% gone. WOW!! This is one of the greatest products I have ever used."

    -Andrew M. Longmont, CO

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    "I have been very pleased with the ASAP product and have written before. I wanted to write and tell you about some of the new things I have used it for.

    When two of my children developed pink eye, I used ASAP Solution to clear it up and it worked faster and easier than anything I've ever used before. With the ASAP Solution I saturated a cotton ball and wiped the eyes several times a day. The next day there was significant improvement and by the second day the pink eye was completely gone. A couple of days later I started with the itchy swollen eyes. I put a drop of the ASAP Solution directly in my eyes three times during the day and by the next day they were cleared up.

    I also recently used it for flu symptoms that went through our family. We took ASAP Solution four times a day and the flu was gone in a day with each person.

    Thank you for making such an amazing product that continues to help my family and me."

    -Cheryl T. Highland, UT

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    "We have been using ASAP Silver Solution for over six months now. Just wanted you to know how much we appreciate finding this solution. We have used it as a gargle, swallowing it after for sore throats. My husband has always had a very difficult time when catching a respiratory infection, being ill for several weeks at a time. He had pneumonia several times as a small child and so we have had to be very careful. During this last flu season, he started with a sore throat. He used 1 tablespoon of ASAP Solution three times a day - gargling for several minutes and then swallowing the solution. His sore throat left the next day. He continues taking the 1 tablespoon three times a day for the rest of the week as I had been having the same thing only with laryngitis. His never went down to that nor did he get the cough which I did. Later, when my throat started getting sore, I used to gargle. Having some sinus infection also, I dropped 6 drops of solution into each nostril morning and night. It took the sore throat away and sinus but my cough lasted several weeks. So we determined that you need to begin using it as soon as the symptoms start.

    I also had the experience of being stung by a yellow jacket wasp. Although it was very painful I did not think much about it as we were leaving for a mountain trip. While gone, my whole arm swelled and became very red and hot around the sting area. Not having any antibiotic, but we had taken the silver solution with us, I opened the bite area and dropped some solution into it and took a tablespoon three times a day until the redness was gone and the swelling had receded. After reading about such bites, I learned that bees and wasps often carry infection which can cause such when they sting. I have been told to carry a bee sting kit with me in case I am stung again and may have an allergy to it, but I know the silver solution took care of the infection.

    Thank you again for developing this solution, as I am concerned about the overuse of antibiotics because of the development of immunity to them and do not have that concern with silver solution."

    -Mona Rae W. N. Orem, UT