The Clickspring Fire Piston

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Using an ignition technique completely different to most fire starting methods, The Clickspring Fire Piston is particularly suited to starting a fire in high wind conditions, and so is a perfect component of any survival, camping or hiking bag.

Aside from its practical use, its also a fun gadget to play with, and it makes a terrific gift for friends and family, especially those who love a device that requires a little bit of skill to use.

Made in the USA and precision machined to exacting tolerances, this device has been built to last. The cylinder is formed from a single piece of aluminium, and has been anodized for both durability and performance.

The piston and end caps are made from solid brass, and feature an internal compartment for storing tinder, as well as a small liquid filled compass. The lanyard, has been provided slightly long at 700mm to allow you to tie the knot to suit your taste, and customise the length to your requirements. The brass lanyard bead threads onto the lanyard, and completes the presentation of the device.

So that you can immediately start using it, there are 2 packets of char cloth tinder included in your purchase. Instructions on how to make more char cloth, are provided in the user video below.

There are of course many other methods for starting a fire. But few, if any, of those methods are as interesting, or as much fun to use as this little device. It takes a little bit of skill to get a consistent result, so there's a lot of fun to be had getting family and friends involved, and seeing just who can master it first.

A useful, entertaining and and highly presentable tool, The Clickspring Fire Piston is a must have item for every well prepared household.