The Original Speedy Sharp Knife Sharpener

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Speedy Sharp

Speedy Sharp knife sharpener is the most universal sharpener ever made. It is fast, durable, compact, fits in your pocket, tackle box, or hunting pack. It is made of MICRO 100 Super Carbide and will never wear out.

The Speedy Sharp is the most effective sharpener you will ever use. Speedy Sharp will literally sharpen anything with an edge from knives to your lawn mower blade. Instructions on packaging.

Sharpens Virtually Everything! Knives, Scissors, Chisels, Carpet Knives, Hatchets, Razor Blades, Hunting Knives Scrapers, Broad Head Arrows, Fish Hooks, Serrated Knives, Axes Router Bits, Planer Blades, Gardening Tools, Snow Skis , Etc.

Speedy Sharp has a lifetime warranty!

This is a great new product. While it is made as a blade sharpener, it is also a great item to carry and or have in your kits as a striker for your various fire starters such as ferrocerium rods as we sell here!. In fact with the whole for the lanyard you can make a nice high quality, versatile and multipurpose fire starting kit with the Speedy Sharp and any fire starting rod.

I can't recommend this item enough. It can even be used as a defensive weapon if need to. It is super strong and durable that it is the newest addition to my personal kits.

Tom Sciacca

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Speedy Sharp Instructions