Top Canned Survival Food Bundle

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This Bundle Includes:

1 - Yoders Fully Cooked Canned Bacon (FTF-YD1412) - Normal Price: $16.65

Each 9 oz. can of Yoders Fully Cooked Canned Bacon has 40 to 50 slices of fully cooked and drained bacon. Between 2-3/4 and 3-1/4 pounds of raw bacon go into each can. Each can is the highest quality fresh #1 bacon slices. Cured to their specifications, cooked and then hand wrapped, rolled and packed in the U.S.

1 - Future Essentials Organic Green Costa Rica Monte Crisol Coffee Beans - #2.5 Can (FTF-FEC651) - Normal Price: $12.83

 For many years, coffee aficionados have learned that for the freshest coffee you need to roast your own beans. Unfortunately that usually meant paying more per pound for coffee than you could get it at the local grocery store or having to buy 100 + pounds at a time and trying to figure out how to ship it affordably and store it for long term use.

1 - Yoders Canned Hamburger - 28 oz Can (FTF-YD6012) - Normal Price: $11.45

Canned Hamburger is PERFECT for your Food Storage Plan, Family Preparedness and Emergency Readiness. Made by Yoders in Ohio, an Amish family tradition for more than 40 years, this product will protect your family and yourself in times of uncertainty. The taste tells the difference.

1 - Future Essentials Canned Sailor Pilot Bread Crackers - #2.5 Can (FTF-FE5012) - Normal Price: $7.98

Pilot Bread Crackers are the perfect choice for daytime snacking or a crunchy companion to soups or casseroles. These lightweight snacks are used as survival rations in pilot emergency kits since there is no cooking, preparation, or rehydration needed—just pop the lid and enjoy! These freeze-dried crackers are known for their 30 year shelf life.

1 - Plastic Reusable Lids for #2.5 Cans-6 Pack (FTF-FE111) - Normal Price: $1.43

These Replacement Plastic Lids for your #2.5 cans come in a pack of 6. Pliable and reusable low density polyethylene plastic lid for use with open top cans once they have been sealed.The lids are natural (translucent) in color.

Supplier's Note On Shelf Life

Canned long shelf life food has a shelf life of at least two years from the date of processing. Canned food retains its safety and nutritional value well beyond two years making it the perfect survival food, but it may have some variation in quality, such as a change of color and texture. Canning is a high-heat process that renders the food commercially sterile. Food safety is not an issue in products kept on the shelf or in the pantry for long periods of time. In fact, canned long shelf life food has an almost indefinite shelf life at moderate temperatures (75 F and below). Canned food as old as 100 years has been found in sunken ships and it is still microbiologically safe! We don't recommend keeping canned food for 100 years, but if the can is intact, not dented or bulging, it is edible and perfect for your survival food pantry.

Canned BaconCanned food labels have tendency to peel off over time, especially if they are kept for years in your basement. In order to prevent this, put a coat of shellac over the label as soon as you get them. This way, you will always know what's in the can years later.