Weston 38mm Collagen Sausage Casing (makes 80 lbs)

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Weston 38 mm Collagen Sausage Casing (makes 80 lbs). Enjoy the wholesome flavors of smokey meat by using the Weston collagen edible 38mm casing whether frying, freezing, cooking or grilling. Used by both professional butchers and home chefs, it comes in uniform size and takes no preparation time to make your favorite thick sausages. Makes approximately 70-80 lbs of sausage. Sealed in Weston Zipper Seal Vacuum Bag for freshness.


  • Use for making larger bratwurst, Italian sausage, Polish sausage, or any other mid-sized sausage from domestic or wild game meats
  • Great for dehydrating, smoking, or grilling
  • Durable, so they don't break easily in the stuffing process
  • Ready to use - No rinsing, flushing, or soaking ahead of time
  • Uniform in size
  • Made of edible beef collagen
  • Make for more evenly smoked sausages
  • Clear, odorless, and flavorless
  • Easy to store, no salt or refrigeration needed
  • Vacuum sealed in a Weston Zipper Vacuum Bag for maximum freshness and easy storage

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