Weston Mahogany Sausage Casings - 2.5" x 20" - 20 ct (makes 60 lbs)

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Make homemade summer sausages with these Mahogany Sausage Casings. Makes (20) 3 lb. 2.5" x 20" sausages.


  • Non-edible casings are used for summer sausages,lunch meats, semi-dried or dried pepperoni.
  • Use for making larger 2.5" diameter prepared meats like Summer Sausage and Bologna from domestic or wild game meats
  • Great for dehydrating, smoking, or grilling
  • Durable, so they don't break easily in the stuffing process
  • Minimal prep time - just soak for a half hour to reshape
  • Uniform in size
  • Make for more evenly smoked sausages
  • Odorless, and flavorless
  • Easy to store, no salt or refrigeration needed
  • Vacuum sealed in a Weston Zipper Vacuum Bag for maximum freshness and easy storage
  • String tied on one end
  • Very strong for tight stuffing and shrinkage
  • Excellent smoke penetration

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