The Instafire Story

The Instafire Story

How Did They Begin? Instafire began as a journey of two men, Konel and Frank, that wanted to find a way to make starting fires easier for everyone. It began with a tragedy when the Teton Dam collapsed in Idaho in 1976. Konel’s sister was right in the path of the over 80 billion gallons of water that was unleashed into the Snake River Valley below the dam. Luckily, the family was safe, but it put a spark into his mind that what if people were stuck with no way of cooking or staying warm because everything was suddenly gone?

Then in 2007, they came across an old mountain man that was lighting a rock on fire. How was this done? They spent 9 months in an abandoned warehouse to perfect what we know today as Instafire.

From there, it took 7 years to get the product to shelves, and that is primarily because both men had full time jobs that required their attention, and they weren’t really making the product to sell, but more for their families to be able to use a safe product to start fires. When they had their first sale (to a friend) it seemed to have taken off from there, and they were “in business.”

Many years later, they were on Shark Tank and selling their products in large companies like Wal Mart and Home Depot.

What Do They Offer?

The diversity of Instafire is what really attracts people to it. You can get little starter packs to start fires, up to a 2-gallon bucket of product that will not only light a fire, but keep it going. If you have an indoor fireplace and have a hard time starting it, then Instafire is a great product to use to get a nice warm fire going quickly. Not only does the product do what it says, they have hundreds of satisfied customers that will tell you how Instafire came in handy for them.

Is It Safe?

While looking through their website, you can also find the product safety sheet that lists out the items used in Instafire and gives the characteristics and safety handling of the product. It was important to Konel and Frank that they find something safe enough for everyone to use, as long as it always worked and never let you down when you really needed to get a fire going.

How Do I Get It?

You can find Instafire products at and take a look at all the products they offer, like logs, fire starters, and can get charcoal starter that is safer than the stuff you are spraying on it now.

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