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Bake in the Great Outdoors—No Electricity Required! All you need is BIOMASS... 

Up your survival baking skills with the Ember Oven by InstaFire—the FIRST and ONLY self-powered, indoor AND outdoor oven. Designed for easy use and transportation, the Ember lets you bake all your favorites wherever and whenever you want - all you need is BIOMASS (like sticks and twigs). Skip the bulky traditional fuels, and start relying on mother nature to keep your Ember up and running. 

Runs on Almost ANY Flammable Material

They can take away your gas-powered stove, but they can’t take away biomass—and that’s all you need to power the Ember! 

The Ember runs on wood chips, fuel pellets, InstaFire Fire Starter, charcoal, and even dried twigs and leaves from your yard. This makes it easy to find fuel in emergency situations whether you’re at home or in the outdoors. (Burning any biomass material in the Ember Oven will produce smoke.)

Safe to Bake Indoors

When used with InstaFire Canned Heat+, the Ember lets you bake safely indoors and off-grid. Perfect for power outages, cabins, or when you need to remain unseen.

Convection Baking for Great Food

Say "goodbye" to burned tops and gooey middles! This one-of-a-kind, patented convection system gives you evenly Baked food just like your oven at home. Plus, it will accelerate preheating and baking without burning your food. 

Take and Bake Anywhere

The Ember is made of cold-rolled steel fused with aluminum making it incredibly lightweight. Compact and easy to carry, you can take it camping, during an unexpected disaster, or even indoors (with InstaFire Canned Heat+). 

Make transport even easier with the Ember Oven Carrying Case. Designed specifically for the Ember Oven with an adjustable shoulder strap and rubber grip for extra comfort and safety. Not to mention EXTRA SPACE for your crucial Ember accessories, like the InstaFire Fire Starter. Carrying Case sold separately.

Lights with Ease

With its protected Burn Box and Two-Layered Burn Chimney, you can light the Ember Oven anywhere. Protected against rain, snow, and high winds, it's MUCH EASIER than starting a campfire and allows you to quickly reach high baking temperatures.

Easy to Use

If you can operate your oven at home, you can use the Ember. Designed with precise controls like the Air-Control Knob and Thermometer, it's easy to track and control temperature. Bake anything from casseroles to cakes!


    • Oven-Opening Dimensions: 5" Tall x 11" Wide
    • Convection (Oven) Chamber Dimensions: 5" Tall x 11 3/4" Wide x 8" Deep
    • Unit Weight: 17.5 lbs
    • Shipping Weight: 21.40 lbs


    Do you sell pans for the Ember Oven?

    We do not currently sell pans for the Ember Oven.

    How long does it take the oven to get up to temperature?

    It will take approximately 15 to 20 minutes for the Ember Oven to preheat to the desired temperature.

    How hot can the Ember Oven get?

    The Ember can reach temperatures as high as 550°F. 

    How do you control the temperature?

    There are a few ways to help regulate the temperature of your Ember Oven.


    Biomass Material
    The type of biomass used will help determine how much heat is generated. For example, sticks and twigs will burn quickly and produce a lot of heat quickly. However, they also burn out quickly. Charcoal briquettes require more time to get up to temperature but will give a more steady and long-term heat.

    Adjust Air-Control Knob
    Simply twist the Air-Control Knob on the front of the oven to adjust the temperature. This knob opens and closes an Oxygen Intake Vent adjusting the amount of oxygen in the oven. Turn the knob right to let more oxygen into the oven and increase the temperature. Turn the knob left to reduce the oxygen in the oven and lower the temperature.

    Open or Close the Rear Vent
    The Rear Vent is another way to increase or reduce oxygen inside the Ember Oven. Open the Rear Vent to let in more oxygen and increase the temperature. Close the Rear Vent to reduce the oxygen and lower the temperature.


    Cap One Can of Heat
    To lower or maintain your desired temperature, use provided tools to snuff out the front can of canned heat and then cap.

    Light a Can of Heat
    If the temperature drops, you may need to relight the front can of canned heat for a little while to bring it back up to the desired temperature.

      WARNING: When baking indoors with the Ember Oven, we recommend ONLY USING INSTAFIRE CANNED HEAT+. Biomass fuels (twigs, leaves, charcoal, InstaFire Fire Starter, wood chips, etc.) are for outdoor use only with the Ember Oven.