Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack (25 Liter) by Ready Hour

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A Backpack Built to Endure Your Adventures—and Emergencies

Trade your traditional canvas backpack for one that can withstand wear, tear, and water!

Confidently carry your gear in a backpack built to endure your adventures and emergencies: the Dry Bag Backpack by Ready Hour.

  • WATERPROOF – Protects your gear from water damage. Repels water and dries quickly.
  • SUPER STRONG – Made from heat-welded material for tear-resistant strength.
  • ALL THE BELLS AND WHISTLES – Hooks, fasteners, pockets, adjustable straps, mesh cushioning, and a deep main compartment that holds up to 6.6 gallons of gear. It measures 11.5 x 6 x 23 inches. 
  • SAVES YOUR LIFE – Doubles as a flotation device!  

Made from Material as Strong as You Are

Don’t settle for thin fabric and standard stitching! This backpack’s 500D PVC material has been heat-welded for supreme strength and durability.

With sheer fabric qualities and mesh holes eliminated, water won’t find a way into this backpack. Its waterproof construction prevents water absorption at every angle.

In addition to being tough and waterproof, this backpack’s material is:

  • Resistant to heat, flame, and most chemicals.
  • Easy to clean and won’t stretch or shrink.
  • Naturally quick-drying.
  • Flexible without wearing down—it maintains its shape and quality.
  • Protected against punctures, abrasions, and quick wear and tear.

The Backpack Breakdown


Fill the backpack’s deep and roomy main compartment with items you need for your excursion—a first aid kit, ration bars, a water bottle—and still have room to spare. It can hold up to 6.6 gallons of gear.

Once full, simply seal the top opening and roll down tightly. Compress to the size that best fits your belongings, then secure with the attached fasteners. Waterproof protection in a pinch!


Carry this backpack in comfort with mesh cushioning on each adjustable strap and along the back. Back and shoulder pain won’t slow you down this time.


On the outside of this backpack, you’ll find two side pockets and one front zipper pocket. These pockets are perfect for the items you use frequently and want convenient access to, like a cell phone, water bottle, or flashlight.

With a sturdy grab handle on top, this backpack is a great grab-and-go bag. Plus, it has plenty of hooks and fasteners you can pair with rope, carabiners, and other tools when your survival is at stake.

Double Duty—Protects YOU and Your Gear from Water

Multipurpose items are a wilderness survivor’s best friend, which is all the more reason to invest in the Dry Bag Backpack by Ready Hour. It doubles as a flotation device!

Unscrew the knob near the bottom of the backpack, fill with air, secure the knob in place, then use to stay afloat in water.

From droplets or splashes of water to an accidental fall overboard, this backpack will keep your supplies safe and dry.