Black Bean Burger Mix Case Pack (36 servings, 6 pk.)

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Burgers Tonight!

Finally, a beef burger alternative that tastes great for all to enjoy! For those who do not eat meat, this is your treat. For those of you who enjoy meat, you will enjoy this just as well because the taste is incredible. You really have to try it to know how great it really is. 

Perfect choice when you have a big group to feed or to prepare for an emergency.  Ready Hour Black Bean Burger is made of Black bean flakes, instant long grain white rice, chopped onions, tomato flakes, sea salt, chili pepper powder, spices, oregano, and cayenne pepper.  Perfect combination of spices and ingredients for a tasty veggie burger of choice. 

Long Lasting: Up to 25-year shelf life unopened, and one year once the individual packages are opened. Store it in a cool, dry location where temperatures stay between 55 and 75 degrees for optimal longevity.

Ready Hour Case Packs – Are easily stackable and storable. Boxes for the Ready Hour Black Bean Burger measure 7 1/2 x 6 1/2 x 9 inches. Comes with 6 pouches sealed in heavy-duty 4-layer packaging, which are resealable to maintain freshness.

Made in the USA from domestic and/or imported ingredients by hard working Americans.

Total calories 4,320. Weighs 3 lbs. It takes 0.4 gallons of water to make all servings. 

Click here to view ingredients, preparation instructions and nutritional information

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Jace M.
United States United States

Better than expected

Made my first batch tonite. As good, if not better, as the ones I make from scratch! Well done!!

Michael S.
United States United States

Family Loves It

Every Member in my little family of 4 loves this product. We make hamburger patties with them. Place them on buns, use ketchup, tomorrow, onions... Everything you would put on a meat burger. It's not everyday you find a long term food that tastes great. Thank You Ready Hour.

United States United States

Tasty and convenient!

My daughter has been vegetarian for several years now, and I realized that much of the family emergency food is meat. I first ordered one of the single packs to try, and they are very good. It does *not* taste like a beef hamburger, but it is tasty in its own way. This works out great for my daughter because she is at that point that she does not want something that tastes too much like meat. We have been ordering these bigger packs, and they are so convenient that I just had to order a new box for storage. We use them to make burgers, or sometimes crumble up for taco filling. When we go on trips where we are not sure we'll be able to find vegetarian food for her, we can just throw one of these pouches in the car. She has learned how to measure out just enough mix for two of the six servings from the pouch, and if she can't eat that second burger I'm happy to eat it for her. It goes well with taco fixings like avocado or salsa, even when cooked as a burger patty. I'm not planning to go vegetarian any time soon, but I would not mind eating these patties if real meat is not available.

United States United States

Surprisingly good!

Ordered one case with skepticism and waited for them to come in. As soon as they arrived I set about making a packet. First impression upon opening the pack was that it really doesn't smell like ground beef. But it does smell good. Added it to hot water and mixed with a fork. It thickens very fast and turns quickly into a semi solid lump. Waited 15 minutes as instructed and began making patties. Feels a bit slimy and yet sticky at the same time. Started frying and the good smell only got better. Once cooked they look very much correct and taste great. Definitely the taste of bean but not overwhelmingly and passable hamburger flavor. Great cooked consistency. I have already ordered four more cases and will most likely order more. Now to find 25 year shelf life ketchup and buns. ;)