Ready Hour Buttermilk Pancake Mix Case Pack (50 servings, 5pk.)

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Ready Hour Buttermilk Pancake Mix is a delicious start to your day. Everyone loves pancakes, and now you can store them up and use them as you please.

Since it requires no refrigeration, Ready Hour Buttermilk Pancake Mix is essential to have on hand during a power outage or other emergency. Be sure to keep a case of Ready Hour Southwest Savory Rice in your kitchen cabinet for daily use. And don't forget to save a case for your survival kit too.

Long Lasting: Up to 30-year shelf life unopened, and one year once the individual packages are opened. Store it in a cool, dry location where temperatures stay between 55 and 75 degrees for optimal longevity.

Ready Hour Case Packs – Are easily stackable and storable. Boxes for the Ready Hour Buttermilk Pancake Mix Case Packs measure 9 x 7 1/2 x 9 inches. Comes with 5 pouches sealed in heavy-duty 4-layer packaging, which are resealable to maintain freshness.

Made in the USA by hard working Americans.

Total calories 8,000. Weighs 5.3 lbs. It takes 0.8 gallons of water to make all servings.

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Ronald D.
United States United States
Can't beat good pancakes!

Some of the best pancake mix we've tried. Excellent bread substitute for off grid cooking.

Jamie V.
United States United States
excellent expierience!

product was great. had a missing item from my order. problem was fixed on a Sunday almost before I sent the email. You have earned all my business!

James L.
United States United States
Another happy purchase!

All items purchased have been great with pricing, delicious flavor, and all arrived with fast shipping.

Lee E.
United States United States
Awesome pancakes.

Great, Taste wonderful and ready mix. Like the idea it is good fo 30 Years if you do not open it.