RADTriage50 Personal Radiation Dosimeter

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With the RADTriage50 Personal Radiation Dosimeter, you’ll never be left guessing if you need radiation-related medical treatment.

  • EASY TO USE – Color-changing sensor and indicator provide user-friendly results immediately.
  • EMERGENCY-MADE – Designed to help first responders triage treatment for radiation exposure as well as calm worry among civilians.
  • USE FOR YEARS – Add decades to the dosimeter’s shelf life by storing in refrigeration or below-freezing temperatures!*
  • TRIED AND TRUE – Tested and trusted by top laboratories and active-duty US military.
  • IMMEDIATE RESULTSGet easy-to-understand test results in an instant with the dosimeter’s color-changing sensor and indicator.
  • NO POWER NEEDED – No batteries, readers, maintenance, or software required. Use without power—perfect for emergencies.
  • MORE AFFORDABLE – Unlike other dosimeters, costs only pennies a day.

Maintains Order and Reduces Panic

The RADTriage50 Personal Radiation Dosimeter is the only dosimeter with the correct dose range designed for emergency use. This enables you to easily triage medical treatment for those affected by radiation exposure.

This dosimeter features two monitors:

Sensor – Monitors radiation above 50 mSv (millisievert), the permissible annual dose for occupational workers in the United States.

FIT™ Indicator – The square, dot-patterned indicator on the right side of the dosimeter monitors service life, the effects of ambient conditions, and tampering.

Between these two monitors, the RADTriage50 Personal Radiation Dosimeter indicates the intensity of radiation exposure.

Tested and Trusted by Scientists, the Military, and Civilians Alike

Developed by award-winning scientists with top-of-the-line equipment and facilities, RADTriage technology has passed every test it's been put to with flying colors.

Since 1999, the RADTriage50 Personal Radiation Dosimeter has been utilized by the United States Navy, the United States Army, and the United States Department of Homeland Security. Hundreds of thousands of these dosimeters were taken into Iraq and then to Japan during the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster.

You can count on this card!


*Store at room temperature (75°F) to maintain a two-year shelf life. Store at 50°F for 12 years of shelf life, 32°F for 26 years of shelf life, and below freezing for hundreds of years of shelf life.  When deployed in an average temperature of 75 degrees, lasts up to 2 years in use; 13 months in an average temperature of 104 degrees; 6 months in an average temperature of 122 degrees.