Survival Folding Shovel by Ready Hour

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Dig Deeper, Reach Farther: The Ultimate Folding Shovel

In the heat of an emergency or the heart of the wilderness, you need a tool that's as versatile as it is dependable.

Introducing the Survival Folding Shovel by Ready Hour, your 2-in-1 survival companion for outdoor excursions and everyday tasks alike.

  • Shovel Components: Two detachable handle pieces, one detachable shovel head
  • Made of 1Cr13Mo stainless steel
  • Weight: 6 lbs
  • Length, Fully Extended: 38.75” 
  • Length, Unextended, Shovel Folded: 11.25"
  • Length, Unextended, Shovel Unfolded: 18.5"
  • Width, Shovel Head: 8”  

VERSATILITY AT YOUR FINGERTIPS This shovel's innovative locking mechanism transforms it into a powerful hoe. Dig trenches, clear debris, or level ground without missing a beat

BUILT TO LAST Built from solid stainless steel to withstand the roughest handling, this shovel has 500 pounds of torque. That’s 5x stronger than most portable shovels! Plus, the high-quality steel is resistant to wear and corrosion.

COMPACT AND CONVENIENT Folds down effortlessly, taking up significantly less room amongst your emergency gear. Store it in go bags, backpacks, or camping gear. 

EASY DIGGING – Make digging a breeze with a wider shovel head for better foot placement and a rounded, scoop shape which enhances both torque and leverage.

OPTIMAL EXTENSION – Extends to over an impressive three feet to tackle hard-to-reach areas and provide additional leverage.

EVERYDAY UTILITY Beyond emergency scenarios, this shovel shines in daily life. From gardening and yard work to DIY projects, it's an invaluable asset to your tool collection.

Add the Survival Folding Shovel to your supply today and be prepared for whatever comes your way.

Survival Folding Shovel by Ready Hour