5-in-1 Bushcrafter Hatchet by Ready Hour

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NOTE: For your safety, the hatchet arrives unsharpened. Be sure to sharpen the blade before first use for maximum impact.

Never venture into the wild unknown without the right companions: rugged, reliable tools for survival and self-defense.

Adventurers, explorers, and self-reliant souls alike will find solace having the 5-in-1 Bushcrafter Hatchet by Ready Hour on their side.

Forged for survival, this dependable tool takes five essential functions and combines them with convenience and a compact presentation.

  • Contains a hammer, hatchet, saw, sharpener, and tent peg puller.
  • Made from high-quality materials for durability and utility that lasts.
  • Boasts a full tang blade that reduces reverberation, delivers more power, and increases longevity.
  • Features rust-resistant blades to withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • Lightweight and small, this tool is easy to pack and transport.
  • Patent pending design.



The 5-in-1 Bushcrafter Hatchet by Ready Hour embodies the spirit of survival, equipping you with what’s needed to open up paths, construct shelter, make and take down camp, and ultimately, make it out alive.

  1. Hammer – The integrated, solid hammer head infuses strength into your survival. Drive tent stakes into tough terrain, pound nails into wood projects, and feel secure in your surroundings knowing your shelter will stand firm against any storm. 
  1. Hatchet – With a durable, full tang blade, this hatchet is an ideal option for clearing brush and branches, cutting rope, chopping firewood, and building a campfire.
  1. Saw – Use this rigid, reliable blade to carve your way through the wilderness. Tucked into the bottom end of the handle, these teeth can effortlessly slice through brush, branches, small trees, and other wooden obstacles.
  1. Sharpener – Keeping your cutting tools sharp is critical to optimal, lasting performance. With the built-in blade sharpener, you’ll remain ready to tackle whatever awaits!
  1. Tent Peg Puller – Taking care of camp is much easier with the proper tools for the task. Seamlessly pull out tent pegs—and nails—with the tent peg puller. Truly leave no trace when uprooting camp to the next location.
  • Hatchet Weight: 2.4 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 4 pounds
  • Top to Bottom Length: 15.5 inches
  • Hatchet Head Length: 5 inches

Answer the call of the wild with confidence!