Emergency Water Bank by Alexapure

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Months of Emergency Water…All Stored in Your TUB!

Stores More Than a Big Blue Barrel…at a Fraction of the Cost

  • Saves Money – Good luck finding a more affordable water storage setup.
  • Saves Space – Small enough to store in a drawer!
  • Fresh Water for MONTHS – Keeps water clean for up to 16 weeks.*
  • Stores More than a Big Blue Barrel – 65-gallon capacity (about two months of water per person).**


The Emergency Water Bank leverages a little-known prepper secret: even with the power down, water usually comes out of the tap for at least a few hours

Plenty of time to lay out your Water Bank and fill ‘er up!

Simply place the Water Bank in your bathtub, fasten the opening to the tub faucet, and fill. An easy-to-use syphon pump lets you draw water as you need it.

At a gallon a day, the Emergency Water Bank gives one person enough water to drink, cook, and bathe for over two months!


  • 1 BPA-free liner
  • 1 siphon pump for dispensing water
  • Fits any standard bathtub
  • Preserves clean water for up to 16 weeks**
  • Food safe and heavy-duty
  • Fills in 30 minutes or less

*When stored in cool, dark, dry conditions.

** Designed for one-time use.