Alexapure 5 Gallon Collapsible Water Container

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Alexapure's 5-Gallon Collapsible Water Container 

When you go camping or hiking, you never know when you are going to come to drinkable water.

With Alexapure's 5 Gallon Collapsible Water Container, you don't have to worry about that anymore.  It's BPA free, easy to store, and 5 gallons of water can easily be used for one person for a few days. Heavy duty and collapsible. Perfect with all Alexapure products. 

Want to take filtered water with you? Just fill up the Alexapure Water Container with your filtered water, and you don't have to worry about what your family is drinking while you camp. 

You could also throw one into your backpack, so when you do find water you can fill it up, and take potable water with you back to camp. No need to worry about finding clean water when you have Alexapure as part of your emergency plan. 

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Judith B.
United States United States

Space savers

Have not used it yet but I bought several for a backup water supply. I like that they are collapsible and easy to store. Doesn't take up as much space as other containers.


Camping Survival

We’re thrilled that you were satisfied with our water container. Your feedback is appreciated, and we hope to be of help again soon!

Annette G.
United States United States

Great purchase

Easy to locate and purchase on the website. Durable and good value portable water storage solution.

United States United States

Great collapsible jug!

I bought 1 of the collapsible water jugs just to try them out while camping. Wow it was so nice & convenient!!! I am getting a couple more so I don't run out of my own water and have to use disposable bottles.


Camping Survival

Hi!! Thanks so much for your feedback! We're really excited that you are happy with this item.

MaDeuce D.
United States United States

More than handy

I was given one of these water containers as a gift and I like it . I camp a lot in the late fall , winter and early spring . Where we camp has no services of any kind , it's strictly primitive . I use mostly 5 gallon food grade buckets for drinking water stowage and regular 5 gal buckets for cleaning and showering . I place this on the table , now I don't have to worry about all of those plastic bottles making garbage and I can fill my canteens / water bottles for the daily hunt . It folds up and stows easily taking up less space than a 5 gal bucket . Yes we drive in set up camp and bring everything including a camp shower / privy loo and we haul everything out including trash , no garbage services too . It would be good for hiking if you were setting up a camp but if you think you are going hiking with this container full just remember it will weigh in at about 42 pounds . It is a great product for emergency water too . It can be used with CHLOR FLOC for purifying large amounts of water , but you'll need another 5 gal container for the treated water . CHLOR FLOC , as sold here at Camping Survival , will treat 8 gallons of water . The CHLOR FLOC in individual packets each will treat one quart / one liter of water . The CHLOR FLOC set comes with 30 individual packets and a very nice pocket fitting zippered pouch in woodland camo pattern . So to treat 5 gallons of water you'll need to use 20 packets , 4 per gallon . If i were going to the woods for an extended stay , yes I would bring this water container ( 2 of them ) and the CHLOR FLOC ( several sets ) . But i wouldn't carry it full , LOL , , . KEEP OUR ENVIROMENT CLEAN , ANOTHER PLANET IS HARD TO FIND . Remember safety starts before the hike .

Steven S.
United States United States

5 gallon collapsible jugs

Items arrived within the week. The jugs work well. They are great for camping, backpacking or emergencies. Highly recommended if you live in areas where water service may be interrupted, such as in earthquake-prone California.