Franklin's Finest Survival Coffee (60 servings)

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franklins finest coffee camping survival

Franklin's Finest Survival Coffee 

An essential beverage to bring while camping during those cool mornings.   Even on camping trips, you may still want to be able to enjoy a cup of your favorite coffee while relaxing by the fire. 

Start the day right! Colombia is the second largest producer of coffee in the world and the largest producer of coffee beans. They are well-known for their high quality coffee. 

 Franklin's Finest Coffee is: 

  • 100% Pure Gourmet Colombian Coffee Gently Freeze-dried To Preserve Flavor
  • 60 servings making this a great item to share at a campfire gathering
  • First Ever Emergency Coffee With a True 25-year Shelf Life
  • Easy to Prepare - All You Need Is Water and Your Favorite Mug