EMP Faraday Backpack (30 Liter, Waterproof) by Ready Hour

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Keep your digital valuables safe from harm and interference.

As technology continues to become more intelligent and intuitive, it also becomes more invasive and dangerous. Even with the proper settings and precautions, your personal information and general sense of privacy is far from protected.

Keep your electronic devices—and personal information—safe with our 30-liter Waterproof Faraday Backpack!

  • BLOCKS SIGNALS & MORE – This signal-proof bag blocks cellular signals, satellite navigation, electromagnetic pulses, and more. Plus, it keeps your items safe from water and solar damage!
  • WILDERNESS TOUGH – Constructed from waterproof and tear-resistant 500D PVC tarpaulin material. It can take on the harsh conditions and extreme weather of the outdoors!
  • ADAPTABLE FOR TRAVEL – Lightweight and packable, this bag is easy to take with you wherever you’re headed. Has plenty of pockets, zippers, and straps!
  • TRULY & TOTALLY UNPLUG – Avoid being digitally tracked, keep away from wireless threats, disconnect and cut off contact, and truly stay off the grid.

Place your belongings into a protective barrier.

Made from two-layer 500D PVC tarpaulin fabric, our Waterproof Faraday Backpack is designed to withstand the worst of times. No rips, tears, water, or electronic signals will pass through it!

This bag blocks:

  • Cellular signals
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • Satellite navigation
  • Key fob functionality
  • Electromagnetic fields (EMFs)
  • Electromagnetic pulses (EMPs)
  • Radio-frequency identification (RFID)
  • Near-field communication (NDFC)
  • Water
  • Solar

Just place your electronic devices inside, press the air out of the bag, close and seal the top of the bag, then tightly roll down the seal and buckle it secure. Fillable space measures 12.75 length x 6.75 width x 23.75 height inches.  

Take it with you for total safety while traveling abroad, adventuring through nature, navigating wet environments, or hiding out in your bunker!