Ready Hour Freeze-Dried Pineapple Case Pack (32 servings, 4 pk.)

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Ready Hour Freeze-Dried Pineapple Case Pack

Has creating a survival food supply in case of emergency or natural disaster been on your mind, or even your to-do list? Early planning and preparedness are the best defenses in the event of emergencies. The unpredictability of weather and natural disasters creates a need for always having survival staples at hand. 

Dried fruits are among the most powerful of the high potassium foods. Foods high in potassium reduce bone loss, helping to protect against osteoporosis. They also reduce blood pressure, helping prevent stroke and heart attack. Freeze dried fruits have no added sugar with a high level of natural sweetness. The freeze-dried process locks in vitamins and minerals during the process, so they are as fresh as the day you purchased them. 

Ready Hour Freeze Dried Pineapple even has a 5-year shelf life and are concentrated in size, so they don't take a bunch of room to store on your shelves. Case packs are economical and easy on your wallet.