Instafire Cross-Fire Plasma Lighter

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Never worry about having to keep your lighters warm. Or kick yourself for not refilling the fuel. The Cross-Fire Plasma Lighter is USB-rechargeable. It gets 500 lights on a single charge and charges 700 times. That’s a total of 350,000 lights – easy and dependable – even in tough conditions.

Wind and Water Proof

Can your other lighters start a fire in a howling wind? The unique housing on the Cross-Fire lets you get a roaring fire going without the elements getting in your way.

Instafire Cross-Fire Plasma Features:

    • Dual Arc Plasma lighter
    • USB Rechargeable 700 times – each charge is good for 500 lights = 350,000 fire lights
    • Turns off by itself after 8 seconds without use
    • Aluminum Alloy & Titanium – very rugged
    • Water Proof
    • Wind Proof
    • Child-safety features
    • Storage compartment to store InstaFire fuel
    • Ice-breaker top