Ready Hour Cornbread Case Pack (48 serving, 4pk.)

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Everybody’s Favorite Dinner Bread Is Perfect for Camping and Crises, Too!

In good times and bad, there’s nothing better than the heartwarming feeling you get from biting into a slice of fresh, warm, tasty cornbread.

On campgrounds or battlegrounds, you can now give your family that “comfort food” experience by stocking-up on Case Packs of Ready Hour Cornbread Mix.  This sweet and savory treat makes a perfect addition to just about any meal - breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

Ready Hour Cornbread is fortified with vitamins and minerals and with a total of 48 servings per case pack, you can have the strength, and energy to conquer whatever comes your way!

Made in the USA from domestic and/or imported ingredients by hard working Americans.

Total calories 9,600. It takes 6 cups of water to make all servings.

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