Coghlans Solid Fuel Tablets - Hexamine (24 count)

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24 Solid Fuel Tablets (Hexamine) A Great Back Up Fuel Source for Fires

These solid fuel tablets are ideal for use in the Coghlan’s Emergency Stove or any other solid fuel stove. They are easy to ignite, smokeless, non-toxic and odorless, which means you can light them and burn indoors where typically you cannot. Safe, clean burning fuel is what you need to keep warm or cook while you are out camping or during an emergency.

Since they are small and convenient to use, they are perfect for backpacking as well.

With 24 tablets per package, you won’t run out of ways to start a fire or keep warm.

This item contains Hexamine.

 To Boil Water, Follow These Simple Guidelines

  • 1 cup of water will boil with 2 fuel tablets in 3 minutes
  • 2 cups of water will boil with 2 fuel tablets in 5 minutes

These solid camping fuel tablets will burn for 8-9 minutes. Heating times for boiling water are approximate with no wind. When outdoors, wind can be a factor increasing the time to boil.

Each Hexamine solid fuel tablet is 7/8 inch diameter x 1/2 inch thick and weighs 0.2 ounces.