Hiking Hacks Everyone Can Use

Hiking Hacks Everyone Can Use

Since we talked about hiking last week, we thought we would give you some great hiking hacks you can use the next time you go out. Whether or not you hike all the time, or just every now and then, these hacks will come in handy.

Duct tape – it is bulky to carry a roll of duct tape in your backpack, so instead wrap some around your water bottle and use it as needed. The only problem is if it gets too warm it may stick to itself pretty badly, so be careful when pulling some off when it has gotten warm outside.

Blisters – speaking of duct tape, did you know it works wonders for blisters? Just apply some to a blister for support and protection.

Buoyancy – if you drop your keys or any other small item into water you will not have to worry about finding them if you put a cork on the keychain or apply it to your smaller items. Color it a bright yellow or orange to find it easily in the river or lake.

Waterproof – Make sure you waterproof your jacket, boots, shoes, and backpack. Before you go out, do the water test on them to make sure you do not need to add more water repellant. The water test is dropping some water on the item, if it absorbs it or feels wet when you brush the water off, it is time to re-apply.

Stove – there are many portable stoves on the market, and we carry one. Weighing only a few ounces, you will have heat and a cooking device at your fingertips. Need to start a fire in a hurry? Put some Vaseline on some cotton balls and light them when needed.

Emergency Blanket – pack an emergency blanket in your backpack. They do not take up much room and you can use it for shelter, to keep you warm, or even to store wet items in so it does not get everything else wet in your backpack.

Food – instead of bulky items of food, pack some beef jerky and nuts for your trip. They will not take up much room and still provide the nutrients you need without taking up so much space. We also carry a line of foods that are slim and easy to pack. 

Toilet paper – when you pack it, take out the carboard middle and smash the roll flat. It will take up less room and you can pack items around it better.

Light – instead of a bulky flashlight, use a head lamp. That way your hands will be free while you hike.

Clothes – keep an extra set in the car so when you are done with your hike you can change into something warm, dry, and comfortable. Make sure you pack fresh socks too; you will want to change them for sure.

Do you have some great hiking hacks? If so, let us know in the comments below.


  • KiltHiker

    When carrying toilet paper, don’t forget your Leave No Trace responsibilities and bring a ziplock bag to pack out what you’ve used.
    But there’s no need to smash a roll… why not take a very small amount, or skip the TP altogether? Ladies, bring a reusable cloth (bandana, Kula Cloth, etc.). And for #2, a backcountry bidet reduces the need for much TP (none if your adept with the bidet) and helps to wash away the salts from sweat that lead to chaffing.

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