What Outdoor Activities May Look Like Now

What Outdoor Activities May Look Like Now

As we all begin to leave our homes and try to plan for summer adventures not really knowing if anything will even be open, we will undoubtedly come across people talking about camping, hiking, boating, etc.

New Regulations

Our new normal is going to be different than what we have seen in the past. Campgrounds are most likely going to limit the number of people allowed to camp at once, and protocols may be set regarding how many people you can bring.

One way to avoid these new rules is to avoid campgrounds. Families can typically find places that are out of the busy noise of the city and set up a camp. Up in the Pacific Northwest, we can find many places that suit our ability to camp and not have to worry about paying for a site or any restrictions. It may be more difficult where you live, but it’s probably possible. Just make sure you check laws regarding camping and fires especially.

Extra Items to Bring Along

When you do go camping, you will need items that you have not had to worry about in the past. Hand sanitizer is a great idea, because you will be getting gas or grabbing groceries and want to make sure your hands are clean.

Another thing you may want to do is mix a bleach/water solution in a spray bottle. Use that for any large surface that someone else has used. A disposable mask or two is recommended, since you may go to a place that requires one or need to be around a group of people.

Hiking this year may not be much different, since we typically do that alone or with a small group and don’t interact with others as much. Regardless, we’d recommend taking a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you on your hike in case you do come into contact with an item someone else has touched. Hiking trails may not be open yet, but as any great hiker knows, there are trails out there yet to be discovered.

Boating most likely would be the same as hiking, though they may limit how many people you have on a boat or reduce the ability to stop in places such as restaurants, beaches, etc. We recommend you take not only hand sanitizer with you, but the spray bottle of bleach/water concentration. Use the hand sanitizer whenever you stop to get fuel or touch anything that someone else may have. The spray is for anything you will use that someone else has used before you like tables, chairs, etc.

This year may look different—we will only know how different when we get there—but taking some extra precaution can save your family from the illness everyone is trying to avoid.

We at Camping Survival hope you are able to make plans for this summer while keeping your family safe.


  • Nicole

    Please…STOP making things into political arguments. This site it to buy CAMPING GEAR.
    NOT about your political beliefs! Thanks!

  • Jack

    If that’s how dumb and scared people really are they have to breathe in their own waste in the fresh-ish air in the outdoors, then there is NO HOPE for humanity.

  • D T

    I agree with S Johnson! This is so unbelievable-that people cower and bow down to the tyranny! I for one will not go along with this NWO garbage!

  • Peggy Rahe

    i think the new norm statement is a statement of acceptance. this is insane to me. camping? we all distance naturally we stay with our small family group or friends and hardly have any contact with others except to say hi. we are avid 4-wheelers and rarely even see anyone on the trails even over holidays there are so many acres! we have been motorcycling with our group. we stop each couple eats at their own picnic table, why not? I FEEL it started off real and is now political and i am no longer falling for it. if you are sick or old stay home. let the world back to business. young people are not getting retirement benefits or social secruity! they need to work

  • rollin

    Sadly, , look for camping rates and costs to go up…….along with just about everything else. Partial capacities, more cleaning, and all the other precautions won’t be free.

    This Chinese Virus is going to be the gift that keeps on giving, sarc.

    And remember on whatever traveling you’re able to do……BUY AMERICAN !!!

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