Coghlans Commando Saw

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Take Command!

Coghlans Commando Saw camping survival

You can use the Commando Saw for cutting, or snaring small game.

Our Commando Saw is 20 inches long with an 8-strand design able to cut through wood, plastic, bone, or soft metals. You can also use it as a snare for catching small game.   Easy to use, and handy in situations where you need a snare or saw to cut down small trees or branches. Easily clear a small area for you to camp in, or find your next small meal using our Commando Saw.

Put one with your camping gear, one in your bug out bag, and keep one in the event of an emergency at home.  Item measures 20 inches, and easily fits in your pocket, so you can take it hiking with you as well.

Saw can cut through soft metal, wood, bone, and plastic. Handy for field dressing, clearing a branch that is in your way, or cutting plastic tubing.  The 8 strand design means it is durable, and will last years, so you can store one away for when you really need it.