Outdoor Essentials Survival Kit (27 pieces)

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The Ultimate Outdoor Survival Kit

Face short-term emergencies head on with this kit!

In a crisis—whether evacuating or sheltering in the backcountry—you’ll be glad you have this Outdoor Essentials Survival Kit!

It has what you need for short-term emergencies, such as…

EMP Faraday Bag (15 Liter) by Ready Hour

Keep your electronics SAFE AND FUNCTIONAL with this signal-proof Faraday Bag. It blocks cellular signals, satellite navigation, electromagnetic pulses, and more. Plus, it keeps your items safe from water and solar damage.

InstaFire Cross-Fire Plasma Lighter

Using the latest in lighter technology, the Cross-Fire Plasma Lighter will light EVERY time, even in the wind and rain. Plus, the lithium ion battery is rechargeable up to 700 times. No more running out of fuel!

InstaFire Fire-Starter Pouches 12-Pack

The BEST fire-starter material you'll find anywhere, this lightweight fire starter lights and burns in wind, rain, sleet, and snowA perfect substitute for wood and other fuel sources, it can even dry out and burn wet wood.

(2) Ready Hour 2,400 Calorie Emergency Food Ration Bars

Tastes like a cookie but fuels like a survival bar, these ration bars are the optimal on-the-go food to replenish your energy. Lightweight and easy to pack, you'll want to take these everywhere—hiking, camping, emergencies, and more.

Army Green Nylon Emergency Tent with Survival Whistle by Ready Hour

Made of high-tensile, aluminized polyester that uses your body heat to warm the enclosure, this emergency tent is the perfect shelter for the outdoors. It repels water and snow while blocking harsh winds.

Ready Hour Rechargeable Sensor Headlamp

Find your way in the dark HANDS FREE with Ready Hour's Sensor Headlamp. Fully rechargeable, this headlamp provides up to 20 hours of continuous light with 150 lumens.

Survival Compass by Ready Hour

Keep yourself on the right track through difficult and unknown terrain with this Survival Compass. Designed to perform in extreme environments, it will function in intense cold down to -20°C. Plus, you'll get no bubbles at high altitudes.

Deluxe Thermal Blanket by Ready Hour

Crafted from riveted polymer and metallic coating that shields against creeping moisture and bitter cold, this thermal blanket will protect you from soggy terrain, wet weather, and windstorms.

Orange Energy Drink Mix by Ready Hour (2 Pouches)

With an up to 30-year shelf life and a refreshing taste, you'll love quenching your thirst with this tangy drink. (Made with natural orange flavor. No artificial colors or flavors. Excellent source of 12 essential vitamins and minerals.)

Bota Bag by Ready Hour

Say "goodbye" to bulky plastic and metal drinking containers. This sleek, lightweight, leather-crafted canteen pouch lets you easily carry water with you wherever you need to go.

Survival Spring Personal Water Filter

Anything can happen which is why this Survival Spring Water Filter is essential as part of your camping gear. The Survival Spring® by Alexapure® is the pocket-sized water filter with the power to reduce waterborne protozoa and bacteria.* The three-stage filter inside the Survival Spring exceeds those in other water filters by reducing sediment.

Emergency Waterproof Poncho (2-Pack)

Carrying bulky rain gear is not ideal. That's why having an emergency poncho or two on hand is a survival must. This Ready Hour Emergency Poncho provides a lightweight covering that will keep you dry and warm in the event of a light shower or downpour. Just pull one of these emergency ponchos out and pull it over your clothes, pack, or anything you want to keep dry.

Hurricane Matches & Case

When you're out in the wild, the weather can change in an instant. One moment it's sunny, the next you're caught in a life-threatening storm. But no matter what conditions you’re facing, they will be no match for Hurricane-Proof Matches by InstaFire. These matches can withstand the harshest conditions, staying lit in winds up to 100 MPH, under water, or in dirt and sand. PLUS the sturdy match case stands up to hurricanes, ice storms, blizzards—you name it—just like the matches inside

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Battery Care: As with all battery-run devices, proper upkeep is critical for the prolonged function of your lighter. If the unit is left to sit for long periods, the battery can drain and even become inoperable. Make sure to charge the battery every few months to extend its life and performance.