Coghlans Bota Bag - 1 Liter for your Go Bag

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1 Liter Bota Bag - BPA Free

When personal hydration means you want to use something practical, you reach for your Coghlans Bota Bag. It stores one liter of liquid, is easy to carry, and you don't have to worry about plastic or metal containers.  Bota Bag is made from leather and it's lined with latex which protects the bag. The bag will not  change the taste of your water or any other liquid, and is easy to store. It has a braided shoulder strap and light to carry when you are on the trail camping. 

Great gift for friends and family as a souvenir item. Do not be caught without fresh drinking water while out in the woods or on the trail. This bag is an inexpensive measure against thirst.

Dimensions of the Bota Bag is approximately  2½ inches by 5 inches.