Coghlans Deluxe Thermal Blanket

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Deluxe Thermal Blanket 

With state of the art layered construction of aluminized polyethylene and reinforced corner grommets, it retains body heat by reflecting it back into the body.  Windproof, and waterproof, it even stays flexible in freezing temperatures. Measures 50"x79". 

There are so many uses for the Deluxe Thermal Blanket:

  • Keep warm in times when it gets too cold outside. 
  • Put over items you don't want to get wet when it rains.
  • Ground cover so you have a nice dry place to sit. 
  • Makeshift tent or put over a leak in your existing tent. 

You'll want more than one of these, as you see how convenient they are, and how many uses they have.