Fire Evacuation Mask and Fire Blanket by Ready Hour

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Fire Deaths Are Preventable with Gear Like This!

Get 60 minutes of clean air and fire-stopping power.

It's a little-known fact...

Most deaths in house fires come from breathing smoke and fumes, not from the fire itself.

Prevent tragedy today and secure your family’s safety with the Fire Evacuation Mask and Fire Blanket by Ready Hour.

Amazing fire blanket no home should be without.

  • Suffocates fires, including liquid and grease fires, in seconds.
  • Protects you and your family while escaping a fire.
  • Quick access—takes just a second to unfold.
  • One-size-fits-all blanket wraps around adults and children equally well
  • Protects eyes with a transparent face shield that keeps smoke, sparks, and flames out of your face so you see your way out more quickly and safely.
  • Spark protection keeps sparks and flames from BBQ's or power tools away from decks, patios, and garages.

The fire mask that will help you quickly escape fire danger. 

  • No smoke or fumes with a gas-mask-style filter that keeps out smoke as well as toxic fumes and gasses for about 60 minutes.
  • Five-layer protection for clean and breathable air. Filter dust and gas with two layers of fiberglass, filter dust and water with one layer of activated carbon, filter CO and HCN with an oxidizer layer, then filter smoke with a layer of cotton.
  • Protect from flames with a heat-resistant hood that protects against radiant heat.
  • Five-year shelf life is one of the longest you'll find for a fire mask.
  • Stay visible with reflective materials that make you stand out so first responders can spot you quickly.
  • EN 403 certified.

Get the Fire Evacuation Mask and Fire Blanket together for ONE LOW PRICE OF $44.90!