Traps, Snares & Primitive Weapons Playing Cards by Ready Hour

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Learn the hunting and fishing skills every camper needs for survival.

Discover how to make traps, fishing lines, and weapons while playing your favorite card games!


Picture this scenario: You’re in the wilderness and you’ve run out of food. Do you know how to make a “trot line” to passively catch fish in a stream?

If not, it’s one of the many fascinating skills you can learn while playing your favorite game of cards!

This new deck of Traps, Snares & Primitive Weapons Playing Cards by Ready Hour teaches step-by-step methods for making traps, fishing lines, snares, and primitive hunting weapons.

Delicious birds, fish, and critters will be a plenty once you know how to catch them!

This Vegas-quality deck of 52 playing cards teaches you how. Learn dozens of lessons, tips, and techniques to make yourself a true wilderness survivalist.

Learn life-saving new skills while you’re having fun! What could be better? Take them with you on camping trips for quick reference. (Or for a quick game of Texas Hold’em.)

You never know when you’ll need ‘em!