Warrior Ice Cold Packs (3 packs)

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Warrior Ice Cold Packs (3 packs) camping survival

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Warrior Ice Pack help heal your aches and pains. These ice packs are handy to have when camping or in your go bag. They are flexible and fit anywhere in time of need, you don't want to be without ice to treat an injury.

Warrior Ice Cold Packs are military tested and utilized, made in the USA, extremely durable, lightweight, and non-toxic.   Once these cold packs are activated by adding water (or even urine), they reach a near freezing temperature for up to 20 minutes and maintain a therapeutic temperature for nearly an hour. 

Lasts 20+ years as long as the external bag is intact.  Reusable Hot & Cold Ice Packs are an economical reusable solution.   Used for strains, sprains, bruises and more.