Wound Closing Bundle

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This Bundle Includes: 

1 -  Surgical Suture Nylon Monofilament - size 2/0 Reverse Cutting 30mm Needle (KM-NM-20-RC-30) Norml Price: $1.29

Non-absorbable suture, Monofilament,color: blue 

Tissue reaction is minimal. Nylon is a non-absorbable material that with time, is encapsulated by connective tissue.

Normally used when confronting tissue in Neurological, Ophthalmic, and plastic surgery. Be sterilized by GAMMA. These sutures in USA can be only for veterinary use, in other countries it can be used in human or vet.

1 - Surgical Suture Chromic catgut - Size 5/0 Reverse Cutting 20mm Needle (KM-CC-50-RC-20) Normal Price: $1.95

The advantage to Chromic sutures are very high knot-pull tensile strength, good knot security due to special surface finish, improved smoothness due to the dry presentation of the thread, excellent handling features.

1 - MH Needle Holder (EFA-317M) Normal Price: $2.09

This is the Mayo Hegar needle holder. It has much shorter jaws than your longer-jawed “hemostat”. The shorter jaws help clamp the suture-needle tighter. It can also act as a hemostat or probe and has even been used to clamp the surgical blades when doing minor surgery. The needle holder is one of the most versatile of your instruments. The Mayo Hegar is the most common type of needle holder and the one most often carried and used in the field.

1 - Skin / Wound Stapler (efa-39392) Normal Price: $19.99

The skin stapler is a sterile, single patient use instrument designed to deliver rectangular, stainless steel staples for routine wound closure, includes 35 staples. 

Suture staplers will clip the two edges of a laceration (a cut in the skin) together so that the laceration can heal. Except for a stinging sensation they are virtually painless for the patient. Using staples instead of regular suture also reduces scaring from a suture line. This is especially important when suturing the face where scaring may be a cosmetic problem. Once used, the stapler cannot be reused on another patient. They are sterile and for one time use--only.

1 - Elite First Aid Staple Removal Kit (EFA-39393) Normal Price: $2.33

Staple Removal Kit includes

  • 1 Staple remover (stainless steel)
  • 1 Gauze sponge