Future Essentials Freeze Dried Sirloin Steaks - #10 Can

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These Freeze Dried Sirloin Steaks average between 3/4 and 1 inch thick and are 5 to 6 inches across. The meat comes from the sirloin round area. This type of steak is leaner and full of rich flavor. Lean beef provides us with power to feel full longer, to stay active longer, and to build muscles. Additionally, it provides 10 essential nutrients such as Protein, Iron, B12, and others. There is the right amount of fat marbling with this cut, and they are gourmet trimmed so there is no excess fat on the outside. Get these delicious Freeze Dried Steaks exclusively at CampingSurvival. All cans were sealed in an oxygen/moisture free environment. Each can weighs 15 oz and contains between 10 and 11 Steaks. 

Flash Facts:
-#10 Size Cans (aka Gallon Can)
-10-11 Sirloin Steaks per Can
-U.S. Governmentt/Military Surplus
-25+ year shelf life
-No Refrigeration Required
-2014 Production

These Freeze Dried Steaks are current production over-runs, manufactured in 2014, from a large military defense contractor.

As always, we opened several cans to try these out before we offer them to you, and these steaks are amazing: tender, boneless, gourmet trimmed, very tasty, and as fresh as the day they were flash frozen and dehydrated! They are 3/4 to 1 inch thick with no fat.

This is a shot of an actual can that we opened - it is untouched and exactly what you will see when you open one.

Preparation: To prepare the steak, just soak it in warm or hot tap water for 40 minutes and cook. These steaks are perfect for grilling. However, they also can be cooked in a sauté pan and finished in the oven, or even broiled. They are best prepared using high-heat to sear the outside and to leave the inside moist and tender. We found that it is best to tenderize the steak by marinating it before cooking, which should work out perfectly because you have to re-hydrate the steak anyways, so you can re-hydrate it in the marinade. You can even use Jaccard meat tenderizer if you have one. Once we re-hydrated the steak in the marinade, we seared it hot, and finished slow, then we allowed some time resting before eating it. However, it is completely up to you how you want to prepare them. 

Once re-hydrated, they look just like sirloin steaks you would get at your grocer's deli. There was no shrinkage when we cooked them. We've found that although great with only a 40 minute soak in warm tap water or marinade, if you let them sit longer they get even more tender. You can expect 25+ years shelf life as long as the steaks are sealed in the can - and probably as many as 30 to 40 since there is no water or oxygen in the can to spoil them!!! 

Once opened they will last; 

- up to 5 years in the freezer once opened but not re-hydrated
- up to 1 year in a Zip Lock bag with refrigeration once opened but not re-hydrated
- up to 60 days in a zip lock bag without refrigeration once opened, but not re-hydrated. 
- up to 5 days in the fridge once they are re-hydrated


Freeze Dried Sirloin Steaks (Beef), Uncooked 


These are perfect for storing and using for many years! You can have great tasting food in seconds with no mess and no waste - and it doesn't matter if the power goes out!! 

You can open just one can at a time and in 40 minutes cook one or as many of these as you want however you would cook any other fresh sirloin steaks!!! 

Perfect for camping, boating, traveling, or at the cabin. 

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