Doan Magnesium Survival Fire Starter

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Made in U.S.A.

The Original Doan Fire Starter is the most reliable and safest fire starting tool available today. Simple, effective, safe design allows you to create fuel and light your fire in two steps. Made to the orginal military specification. Outperforms similar fire starters from other manufacturers. Used by the U.S. Armed Forces. Doan Magnesium Survival Fire Starter

Aviation Magnesium Survival Fire Starter Government Issue, Doan Machinery. Genuine Issue Magnesium Survival Fire Starter.

Magnesium shaving edge & sparking insert, gov't issue. Water resistant instructions. Waterproof plastic. This is real military issue with NSN 4240-01-160-5618

Fire StarterStep 1: Scrape tool with any knife (or sharp object, like a rock) to create a small pile magnesium shavings about the size if a quarter.

Step 2: Ignite shavings with built-in sparking insert Start hundreds of fires with a flame source of 5,400°F Safe; fireproof in solid form

  • Packaging comes with survival tips
  • Carry in a pocket or attach to bag with included chain loop
  • Measures 3 x 1 x 0.3 inch
  • Weighs 1.5 ounces

    It is the FIRST CHOICE for sportsmen, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts throughout the world.

    When your very life may depend on it, accept nothing less then the best!




    Count on it to work, wet or dry, even with damp kindling. It's so dependable, it's been adopted by the U.S. Armed forces for their survival kits. And all you need to make it work is a knife.

    By scraping the "shaving edges" with the blade, you will accumulate a pile of magnesium shavings. Then simply scrape the "sparking insert" to ignite the shavings to temperatures of 5400°F., hot enough to light even the most stubborn campfire! It's size makes it convenient for pocket or tackle box.


  • STEP 1 Support edge of tool on ground. Scrape narrow side of tool marked "SHAVING EDGE" with knife blade held perpendicular to tool. Amass small pile of magnesium about the size of a quarter next to tinder. (paper. leaves, small twigs, bark, etc.)
  • STEP 2 Support edge of tool on ground within 1" of magnesium shavings at approximately 45° angle. Scrape entire length of side marked "SPARKING INSERT" rapidly with knife held perpendicular to SPARKING INSERT. This action will cause generate sparks, causing the magnesium shavings to ignite, providing a white hot flame.


    Under windy conditions, the magnesium shavings should be placed in a depression in the ground. Will ignite rubber to create a distress smoke signal. (Use tire from your vehicle if necessary to attract aircraft.) If fine tinder is not available, use the following:

    Parts of personal clothing (pocket lining, handkerchief, etc.)

    Vehicle Upholstery

    Drain oil from vehicle and place in hubcap, soak rags with oil and ignite. (Will also create smoke signal.)

    WARNING: Gasoline is too hazardous to use but kerosene and diesel fuel are acceptable.

    It’s important to have a good fire starter. It’s also important to have some good tinder. We sell some very good tinders here. However, it is also important to use your fire starter at home before you go outdoors. A great project for the budding outdoorsman is making your own tinder. Try the cotton ball and vaseline tinder method. Just get a cotton ball and some vaseline. Get the vaseline throughout the cotton ball, but don’t oversoak it so it’s too wet with vaseline. You’ll need to pull the cotton ball apart a bit to expose the individual threads and throw a spark from you new fire starter. You’ll be amazed at how quickly it catches fire and how long and hot it burns. This is a great project for scout troops as well.

    The homemade cotton ball and vaseline tinder is great, but can be messy. Go ahead and also try one or more of our compressed tinders. Another great project is to try different fire starters and tinders to see which works best for you. Again, the bottom line is to learn how to make a fire with your fire starter long before you have to start a fire in a survival situation.
  • Made in U.S.A.

    A few months ago, we decided to hold a Scout Challenge through our Facebook page. We had asked for troops from all over the country to send us their information and tell us a little bit about their troop. We received an overwhelming response from troops wanting to participate! Ultimately, we ended up choosing 10 troops for the Scout Challenge. Each of these troops were sent different fire starting items, included the item listed here. The troops were asked to take photos of their use of the fire starting materials, as well has give brief reviews of each item and state which ones worked well together.

    Interested in reading these great scout reviews? All you have to do is visit our blog My Dirt Time and look for the entries with the words "Scout Challenge" in the title. There you will find the scout reviews on this item, as well as other, plus a ton of other interesting information.
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Customer Reviews —  8item(s)

fire starter

I have used other fire steel but none come close to this one.I always carry one with me. This is best one on market.just because it does\'t cost $20.00 does\'t mean it\'s not as good. Bill
Review by Bill  (Posted on 8/1/2014)

Perfect for Scouts

I purchased this for my son and myself who are involved in Scouting. These stay in our backpacks and are simple to use. They are of the highest quality and performance.
Review by cdb0788  (Posted on 11/10/2012)


I\'ve tried many brands of these and so far, these are my favorite ones. They just seem to be so much more reliable than other brands. Also, when you\'ve used up the fire rod, if you have a lot of the shaving edge left; you can always shave it as much as you possibly can and keep the shavings in a small pill bottle or whatever, and for future fires, you already have shavings to help save time and sometimes frustration and makes it much easier to get them into a small pile. I keep lighters too, but I honestly can\'t remember the last time I used one. I keep several of these. Some for kits I\'ve made for myself and family members, as well as one for practice.
Review by Marty  (Posted on 9/26/2011)


DO NOT rely on the cheap knock-off coleman mag bars sold at walmart. i know someone that did and ended up spending the night freezing! this is truly the real deal!
Review by pfcshawley  (Posted on 1/7/2011)


this is very useful i use it all the time ,and it works every time i use it
Review by legend67  (Posted on 10/30/2009)


it\'s a great tool i have mine in my survival kit hasn\'t failed me yet!<br>
Review by sarge4814  (Posted on 10/29/2009)


I am 8 and I really <br>want a good easy to<br>use fire starter I have not bought this yet but I am dying too
Review by 3taco10  (Posted on 5/12/2009)

Fire Starter

Excellent, dependable, easy to use, great back-up or primary fire starter
Review by ando  (Posted on 5/10/2009)