Edible & Poisonous Plants of the Eastern States Cards

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3 1/2" x 2 1/2" Cards.

Utilizing wild plants for food can provide free, enjoyable and nutritious additions to modern menus. Their identification and use can be a taste-pleasing hobby for those who enjoy the feeling of being self-sufficient and a necessity for those whose survival may depend upon knowledge of wild plant foods.

This deck of plant identification cards includes the more important edible and poisonous plants of the Eastern States. Full-color pictures combined with detailed descriptions enable the collector to identify these plants in their native habitat.


Customer Reviews —  2item(s)

Better seal them...

I love them. However, they need to be laminated- mine were destroyed when I carried them in a daypack and got rained on. Even though they were barely damp, it was enough to ruin them. I will definitely laminate my next set.
Review by S. BENTON  (Posted on 4/8/2011)

Get both sets!

These are great reference cards to take out in the field. Not only do they give you a clear photo, but they tell you what/when/where/how tall etc. ??Far easier to carry than a book. My personal tips... 1 buy both sets. 2 I marked them with an E or W for eastern and western. Some are found in both regions so they got E&W. I then threw out the duplicates and now have an east/west/dual location set. 3 some come with holes in them, some don\'t. If the don\'t have a hole, put them in their box and drill a small hole in one corner. loop a card-ring or paracord through the hole to prevent loss, scattering, and easy flip-through. Once done, duct tape the box to keep it sturdy for years to come. On another nice note, the edibles are all in black type and the poisonous are in red. They give plenty of info on which to eat raw, which to boil, and also which parts are edible if not all the plant.
Review by KEVIN JOHNSON  (Posted on 9/27/2010)