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My Dirt TimeWelcome to CampingSurvival.com! My name is Tom Sciacca, owner of this site. In addition, I am the president of JHL Supply, a tool supply company, established in 1956 by my grandfather. In 1996, I jumped into the internet world and started HVACtool.com, which carries the entire product line of JHL Supply. As a camper, hunter, and former Marine, I have a great love of the outdoors. Many of the products that you will find here are ones that I have researched, sought out and purchased from various sources for my own personal use BEFORE starting up this site. 

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JHL Supply has more than 50 years experience in meeting the needs of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) professionals. The company was founded by my grandfather, John H. Leavey, an inventor and entrepreneur who was commissioned to develop a pilot cleaning pressure pump for gas servicemen in the Syracuse, New York area. He developed the AK114 pump in 1956, a design so advanced that it is still sold today. The acceptance of this quality pump led to the establishment of this company, John H. Leavey Manufacturing, Inc., which grew steadily until his death in 1971. The company was acquired by my parents, Pat and Tony Sciacca, who tended the business in my grandfather's memory. In 1994, Pat and Tony Sciacca retired from the business, at which time I assumed control of the company. Honoring my grandfather's name and commitment to providing high quality products for the HVAC, gas and electric service industries, I advanced the company in new directions. In the spring of 1996, we launched our premiere web site, which highlights JHL Supply's products. The site was revolutionary in the industry and made it easier for HVAC professionals to research and buy tools. Three years later we purchased HVACtool.com and introduced our new e-commerce web site in an effort to meet the industry's changing needs. The new site is the result of customer requests for easier ways to find and buy service tools on the World Wide Web.

In 2001, the company officially changed its name from John H. Leavey Manufacturing to JHL Supply to reflect our increasing emphasis on superior customer service and support. As the HVAC industry continues to evolve, JHL Supply will remain on the cutting edge. Our company is committed to providing the best possible service and products at low, mail order prices.

In January 2002, the company started CampingSurvival.com. I love the outdoors, am a former Marine, and enjoy hunting, camping, playing outdoors with our kids and practicing urban survival while enhancing my wilderness survival skills. I therefore started this new army / navy, survival type store on the internet.

In July of 2015 we were very excited to move ourselves and our business to Sandford, NC which is a great area about a half hour south of Raleigh NC.  We love it down here!

JHL Supply, HVACtool.com and CampingSurvival.com are continuously updating and adding new products to the web sites while maintaining the ease of use that customers appreciate. Please visit often to keep up with all the latest products, services and information.

- Thomas J. Sciacca, President

CampingSurvival.com. It's not about the END OF THE WORLD - It's not about surviving a hypothetical PLANE CRASH - It's about the SATISFACTION YOU GET knowing you can take care of yourself and/or your family in ANY SITUATION, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!

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